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Q: How much does it cost to get listed?

A: Searchi is 100% free, anyone who needs to drive traffic and get discovered in our site with more than 100 views per day can simply register and start using our service for free.

Q: I registered, so why am I unable to log in?

A: Sit back and relax; once our verification team is satisfied with your profile, we will list you even if our administrative staff has not yet confirmed your account.

Q: How do I create several listings?

A: To upgrade your account, all you need to do is get in touch with us. There are, of course, costs associated with this request. Otherwise, keep it simple by only adding one listing at a time, and you won't be charged.

Q: Why is Searchi, any hidden terms?

A: There is no catch or hidden clause, and we won't divulge your personal or commercial information to third parties.

Q: How does Searchi make money?

A:If we weren't getting paid for it, we wouldn't have been able to create and maintain this directory. Due to our high organic visitor numbers, our website's design, and other factors, we frequently receive requests from large corporations eager to pay for advertising space on our website.

Q: What restrictions apply?

A: Because our directory is free and we want to include as many entities as possible, there is, of course, one restriction: you are only permitted to have one listing per account. You may register for our premium account to access multiple accounts, more services, including gallery photographs and advertising, among others.

Q: What makes Searchi different?

A: For us, verification is crucial. We check that the persons and organizations listed in our database are legitimate. Those that sign up on our website must wait while we perform human verification. Your email address and mobile number can be automatically validated, but we won't let you login until we've manually checked your information.

Q: Why is my company featured without my permission?

A: We try to identify companies that we are aware of in order to attract the attention of search engines since our goal is to become the largest directory in South Africa. However, we will never disclose any contact information for any company that did not sign up with us and that we list on our own authority without your consent, mobile number, telephone number, and email addresses. No need to worry if your company is included without your permission and you're unhappy about it; simply click the "report" button to ask that it be taken off the list.