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Updated: 8 months ago | Places

Sun City, nestled in the Northwest Province of South Africa, is a pulsating hub of entertainment and a beacon for those seeking an adventurous getaway.

If you're planning a trip and looking for accommodation near Sun City, you'll be delighted to find a variety of lodges and guesthouses that provide a serene retreat after a day of excitement.

Let me guide you through some cozy stays that will make your vacation memorable.

Cheap Accommodation Sun City

Kwa Maritane Lodge

First on our list is Kwa Maritane Lodge, a picturesque haven located just 3.8 miles from Sun City Resort. Perched on the slopes of a volcano within the heart of Pilanesberg National Park, this lodge promises more than just a place to stay. With free Wi-Fi and the tranquility of nature, it's a perfect blend of comfort and wilderness.

The Kingdom Resort

Almost a stone's throw away from Sun City, The Kingdom Resort in Ledig offers a charming mix of air-conditioned accommodations. Whether you're looking for a room-only option or prefer self-catering, this resort, 3.1 miles from Sun City Resort, is ideally situated alongside Pilanesberg National Park for those who love to be close to nature.

Accommodation Near Sun City Northwest

Granchis Guesthouse

For those on a budget, Granchis Guesthouse in Ledig is a real find. With rates starting at $36 per night, it offers a unique experience. Although reaching this guesthouse might feel like an adventure in itself, as it's a bit off the beaten path with no practicable road to it, the destination is worth the journey. It's calm, quiet, and gives you a taste of the real Africa.

Bakubung Bush Lodge

Imagine staying in a place where you could potentially see the 'Big 5' of Africa just outside your window. That's what Bakubung Bush Lodge offers. Located a brief 10-minute journey from Sun City and nestled within the Ledig area, this self-catering lodge is an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiasts.

Accommodation Near Sun City Self Catering

Tshukudu Bush Lodge

Finally, we have Tshukudu Bush Lodge, set within the malaria-free Pilanesberg National Park, just 4.8 miles from the Sun City Casino. This lodge offers a truly luxurious experience with a plunge pool and spa treatments available upon request. Overlooking a waterhole, it's a great spot to unwind and perhaps spot some wildlife.

When planning your trip and looking for accommodation near Sun City, these options provide a variety of experiences from luxurious to budget-friendly, all within a reasonable distance from the hustle and bustle of Sun City. Each lodge brings its own unique flavor to your holiday, ensuring that whether you're there for the thrill or the chill, your stay will be just as exciting as the destination itself.

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