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Updated: 7 months ago | Banking

Universal Branch Codes for South African Banks

The following table is a list of all of South African Banks Universal Branch Codes.

SA Universal Branch Codes – FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, ABSA
FNB 250 655
ABSA Bank 632 005
Nedbank 198 765
Standard Bank 51 001
Capitec Bank 470 010
Bidvest Bank 462 005
Investec 580 105
Bank of Athens 410 506
SA Post Bank (Post Office) 460 005
African Bank  430000
Tyme Bank  678910
FNB Universal Branch Code

Let's simplify the explanation about branch codes and universal branch codes, and also gather more information about the latter.

A branch code is like a unique address for a specific bank branch. It shows where that branch is located, and every branch has its own code.

A universal branch code, on the other hand, is one single code that can be used for all branches of a bank. This means you can use this code for any transaction, no matter which branch you opened your account with.

For instance, with FNB's internet banking, the system automatically picks the branch code for you when you choose the bank. It's not clear if other banks do the same.

If you often make bank transactions, using the universal branch code for online payments can be handy. Your payments will be properly tracked even when using this code.

Now, let's search the internet for more details about universal branch codes to understand them better.

Here's a simplified explanation and additional information about branch codes and universal branch codes:

FNB Branch Code

Branch Code

A branch code is a unique identifier for each bank branch, highlighting its specific location. Think of it as an address that helps identify where a particular bank branch is situated.

Universal Branch Code

In contrast, a universal branch code is a generic, user-friendly 6-digit number used for all branches of a bank. It's a single code that can be employed in internet banking for identifying branches and allocating money in online payments. This code simplifies financial transactions, ensuring they are processed efficiently and accurately.

Usage in Internet Banking

Universal branch codes are particularly important for internet banking users. Typically, when making a transaction to another bank account, the online system requires a branch code. The universal branch code is used for this purpose, facilitating verification and speeding up the processing of transactions.

Generic Branch Codes

Also known as Generic Branch Codes, these universal codes are essential for electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and other banking transactions. They help in identifying the specific bank involved in a transaction without the need to reference an individual branch.

In essence, while a branch code is specific to each bank branch, a universal branch code is a convenient, single code that represents all branches of a bank, streamlining online transactions and banking processes.