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Student Loans Calculator

Your student loan's precise amount is tough to predict because it mostly depends on your future income. Instead, we've created this calculator to demonstrate the effects of shifting variables like earnings and inflation, which may help you determine the size of your anticipated repayments.

Understanding Your Student Loan Calculator Results

How long will it take you to repay your student loan? And how much will you end up paying? Use our South African student loan repayment calculator to reveal the true cost of university / collage.

Your student loan debt grows with interest over time, but only becomes repayable once you earn a salary above a certain threshold.

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Understanding Student Loan Calculator

Before you get a loan, when you’re looking to pay off a loan a bit faster, or when you need to take a step back and see where your outgoings are – that’s the time to use our loan calculator.

Although you can estimate or use the offered example loan amounts and interest rate, you'll obtain the most accurate results if you enter your loan amounts and interest rates individually.

When repayment begins, this calculator will assume that you will make monthly payments for 10 years, which is the typical length of time for student loans and many private loans.

For each loan, enter the total amount you borrowed. For each year you attend school, up to a total of four years, you may enter up to three loans. It is possible to include a total of 12 loans.

To include more loans in a given year, click "Add another loan" or choose the following year. Once you have completed adding all of your loans, click "I'm done," and then "Calculate" to see your findings.

For each loan amount, enter the interest rate. Whether you have government or private loans, the year you took out the loans, and, in certain situations, your credit score, will all affect the interest rates you pay.

While you are a student, interest will be charged everyday on government and private loans that are not subsidized. When loan repayment starts, the whole accumulated amount will be capitalized and added to your overall loan balance. Interest will continue to accumulate throughout repayment and be added to your monthly bill total.

The sum that must be repaid includes the amount borrowed as well as the interest that capitalized while you were a student. Your total debt will be this amount when you start making payments, which usually happens six months after you graduate from college.

The whole amount that you will pay over time is not included in this total. Interest will continue to accumulate everyday during repayment, and you'll be responsible for paying it as part of your monthly charge.

How Are Loan Payments Calculated?

The entire loan amount plus interest may be divided by the number of months it will take to pay it off to determine the monthly loan payments. Our loan calculator demonstrates the monthly payment and total interest costs of a loan for you.